Direction Field of a Differential Equation

DFIELD8 is a MATLAB program which interactively displays the direction field of a differential equation, by John Polking.

DFIELD8 is an interactive tool for studying single first order differential equations. When the program is executed, a setup window is opened. The user may enter the differential equation and specify a display window using the interactive controls in the Setup window.

When the Proceed button is pressed on the Setup window, the Display window is opened. At first this window displays a direction line field for the differential equation. When the mouse button is depressed in the Display window, the solution to the differential equation with that initial condition is calculated and plotted.


DFIELD8 is copyright (c) by John C. Polking, Rice University.


DFIELD8 is available in a MATLAB version.

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John Polking.


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  2. John Polking's Home Page:

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