Rhyming Nonsense

This is a list of phrases made of pairs of words that rhyme. In the most interesting cases, neither of the words is "really" a word, in the sense that they are never used except in this phrase, as in helter skelter. In other cases, one or both parts of the phrase have been modified to improve the meter or rhyme. In other cases, one of the words doesn't really add anything to the meaning of the phrase, but rather seems to have been used to allow the sound of the other word to be repeated, as in even steven.

The astounding preponderance of initial "H's" remains to be explained, almost as though the speaker was practicing defensive repetition for a listener with poor hearing. The technical term for the way many of these phrases are formed is "reduplication" which is itself an example of redundancy.

In the word game called "Crambo", the challenger gives a word, and the contestant must supply a rhyme. The same sort of rhyme matching seems to be going on here.

        abfab (absolutely fabulous)
        Ab Fab ("Absolutely Fabulous", a British sitcom)
        Abe's cabe (a five dollar bill)
        acker macker (tea)
        aft Taft (photographs of President William Howard Taft, taken from
          the rear, and intended to mock him for his 350 pound figure)
        ag-gag (a law, typically holding in a farming state, which imposes
          penalties for deprecating farming practices)
        Aga saga (a popular novel form of the domestic and emotional lives
          of semirural people)
        age rage (anger among the old because of forced retirement;
          anger at the loss of one's faculties and health)
        air bear (a policeman in a helicopter)
        air fare (the cost of an airplane ticket)
        air stairs (the wheeled staircase used to enter an airplane)
        airy fairy (flighty, impractical)
        all call (an automated telephone alert system to multiple receivers)
        Ally Pally (Alexandra Palace, once home to the BBC)
        AmCham (The American Chamber of Commerce)
        Am Dram (an amateur drama society)
        analysis paralysis (the endless series of self reviews into which any
          sufficiently complex bureaucracy can be driven)
        anchor clanker (a sailor)
        Anglo-Banglo (a person of mixed English and Bangladeshi ancestry)
        Anne's fan (a taunting gesture, thumb to nose and fingers
          fanned out)
        ant's pants (something stylish or fashionable)
        antsy pantsy (restless; impatient)
        ape drape (the mullet haircut, short in front, long in back)
        argle bargle (jargon; gibberish)
        argy bargy (noisy argument; a foul up)
        ark park (a proposed Creationist park in Kentucky, to include
          a life-size model of Noah's ark)
        arm charm (a beautiful woman, as the companion of a man)
        army barmy (mad about the army)
        arrive alive (a traffic safety slogan)
        arsy farsy (backwards)
        arsy varsy (backwards)
        artsy fartsy (culturally pretentious)
        arty farty (culturally pretentious)
        as nas (an old card game from Persia that is a precursor of poker)
        ash cash (a doctor's fee for a cremation certificate)
        at bat (opportunities to hit the ball)
  [the] Aztec two-step (traveler's diarrhea, regarded as a
          well-known dance)
  [to]  backjack (to inject a solution of opium)
        backpack (a torture device designed to wreck your back; for some
          reason, designed for two shoulders and usually worn over one only)
   [to] back slack (to slacken; to stop trying; cheek or insolence)
   [to] backtrack (to reverse one's steps)
        bag drag (the dreary, burdensome, even murderous task of
          guarding, transporting and stowing one's luggage)
        Bahama mama (an unatractive heavyset woman; a drink made with rum)
        bake break (the analog of a cigarette break for a marijuana user)
        bandstand (a platform for musical performances)
        banyan (a kind of tree)
        bar car (the most popular car in the train)
        barmy army (a group of cricket team supporters)
        base case (in a recursive definition, that case that does not require further recursion)
        bash cash (a doctor's fee for completing an accident form)
        battle rattle (military body armor)
        bawling squalling
        bean queen (one whose preferred sexual partners are Hispanic)
        beanie weenies (hot dogs with baked beans)
        beardie weirdie (a person whose inner eccentricity is conveniently
          indicated by a beard)
   [to] beat feet (to hurry; to depart; to walk)
        beaucoup (very much)
        beaver fever (a stomach disorder caused by the Giardia bacteria,
          commonly attributed to wild animal feces in the water supply)

        bed cred (bed "credibility", that is, sexual experience)
        bed head (the irreparable hair disarray occurring during sleep)
        bedspread (a thin decorative covering for a bed)
        bedstead (a framework for a bed)
        beddie weddie (baby talk for "bed")
        bedstead (a bed frame)
  [the] bee's knees (something stylish or fashionable)
        belly telly (a television set small enough to sit on one's belly)
        best guess ([approximate rhyme] the most careful estimate)
        bhani ghani (a greeting)
        big dig (the massive highway project undermining Boston)
        big rig (a large tractor trailer)
        big wig (an important person)

        bird turd (an annoying person)
        birth dearth (a sharp reduction in the birth rate)
        bit flit (a mechanism to efficiently handle the display and redrawing
        of overlapping windows on a computer screen)
        bit spit (an electronic communication)
        bitchen twitchen (most excellent)
        black Jack (a nickname for General Pershing)
        blackjack (a card game; a policeman's night stick)
        blame game (the search for scapegoats)
        bleacher creature (the raucous fans in the cheap seats)
  [the] Bling Ring (the nickname for a group of Hollywood teenagers
        who broke into actor's homes and stole jewelry and designer clothes.)
        Blow Joe (an enlisted man)
   [to] blow snow (to snort cocaine)
        blue flu (a fraudulent claim of illness for a sick-out)
        bod mod (body modification, such as tattooing or piercing)
        bod pod (a comprehensive exercise machine)
        bog wog (an Irish person)
        Boho (a bohemian, a wild unconventional person)
        Bo Jo (a nickname for Bob Jones University)
        bon ton (the height of fashion; fashionable society)
        bone dome ([approximate rhyme] a thick protective airman's helmet)
  [the] boob tube (television)
        boocoo (beaucoup for people who can't spell)
        booger sugar (cocaine)
        Boogie Woogie (a music and dance style)
        boo hoo (the stylized representation of loud crying)
        boomba loomba (a man's admiring comment on an attractive woman)
        boon coon (a close companion)
        boot scoot (a country-western dance)
        booze cruise (a boat trip in which much alcohol is served)
        boozy woozy (mildly intoxicated on alcohol)
        bore war (a nickname for the "phony war", the relatively quiet time
          in WWII between the invasion of Poland and the attack on France)
        boss hoss (the important person; the winner; the dominator)
        bot spot (the user on a MUD with the longest connect time, who
          appears at the bottom of the list)
        Bott's dots (raised reflective pavement markers)
        boulder holder (a bra)
        bow wow (the sound a dog is supposed to make)
        Box-Cox (a linearization transformation used in data analysis)
        boy toy (a male who is kept for mild sexual interest)
        boz woz (bragging)
        bozo (a clown; a fool)
        brace face (someone wearing braces)
        brain drain (the emigration of talented, intelligent people)
        brag rags (fancy clothes for show)
        breadhead (someone whose only concern is amassing money)
        breast fest (an opportunity for staring at many breasts)
        breast rest (a prolonged stare at a woman's breasts)
        brew crew (drinking buddies)
        brew thru (a drive-through liquor store)
        bright flight (brain drain; the transfer of intelligent children
          to private schools)
        Brit grit (a term for a neo-realistic trend in British movies)
        Brit Lit (British Literature)
        brown pound (the purchasing power of nonwhites in England)
        bull's wool (stolen clothes)
        bully woolies (long underwear)

        bum gun(a water hose available at a public squat toilet)
        bum numb (buttock anesthesia from prolonged sitting)
        bumper jumper (a tailgater, that is, a car that follows other
          cars too closely)
        bunch punch (group sex; a gang bang)
        bungdung (a large firecracker)
        busy Lizzy (a kind of flower)
        butt hut (cramped communal quarters)
        cafe au lait (coffee with milk)
        cagmag (inferior, particularly of meat or a person; to argue)
  [for] cake's sake (a mild exclamation)
        cakes sakes (an order of hot cakes and eggs)
        can man (the junior fireman whose job it is to lug heavy
          canisters up stairs)
        car czar (a proposed new official to be charged with restoring
          the US automobile industry)
        case ace (the last ace, after three have been dealt or exposed)
        case race (a drinking game in which each team is given a case 
          of beer to drink)
        cater waiter (a waiter who is included as part of a
          caterer's service)
        cawquaw (the Canadian porcupine)
        cellar dweller (a low-ranking team)
        cellar smeller (a drunkard)
        cell yell (the loud talking of a person on a cell phone in
          a public place)
        chalk talk (a straight lecture with no slides or overheads)
        charivari (a ruckus, a tumult, a noisy celebration)
        cheapo depot (a discount store)
        cheat sheet (illicit written material smuggled into a test)
        cheerful earful (good news)
        cherry merry (a gift of money)
        chick flick (a movie full of relationships and devoid of
        chick pick (the chosen female object of a man's attention)
        chill pill (a joking reference to a mythical pill that will cure
          one's nervousness)
        Chill Wills (a movie actor of the 50's and 60's)
        chiller diller (a scary thing)
        chip clip (a clip that can be used to reseal a potato chip bag)
        chip knip (a silicon chip embedded in a bank card)
        cho mo (a child molester)

        chop shop (a junk yard; an illegal business that dismantles stolen
        chop top (a short and severe haircut)
        chopper copper (a greedy eater)
        chow down ([approximate rhyme] to eat with determination)
        chrome dome (a bald head; the name of the B52 nuclear alert
          system, in which a number of B52's were on constant
          airborne alert)
        chuckluck (a banking game using three dice)
        chummy wummy (very friendly)

        claptrap (nonsense; a brothel where you're liable to get a
        class pass (to learn how to fit into a social class that you
          have unexpectedly joined)
        classy chassis (a desirable car; an attractive woman)
        clean Gene (the nickname for Eugene McCarthy in 1968)
        clean green (environmentally friendly)

        Club Pub (a nickname for the Publix supermarket on Ocala street
          in Tallahassee, Florida, regarded as a prime place to socialize
          while stocking up on food)
        Clydeside (the area on the banks of the river Clyde in Glasgow,
          the center of the shipping industry there)
        coal hole (a small door into the basement, through which coal 
          is delivered)
        cob job (inferior work; work done so badly it has to be redone)
        cobber dobber (an informer)
  [the] cobbly wobblies (sudden irrational overpowering fear)

        cock rock (rock and roll music with more than the usual macho strutting)
        coco-loco (crazy; an alcoholic drink; a beach in Ghana)
        coddy-moddy (a gull)
        coke stroke (a stroke brought on by use of cocaine)
        cold gold (a can of beer)
        colly molly (melancholy)
        cookbook (a recipe book)
  [the] Cook look (the warm natural look of movies shot with Cook lenses)
(keep a ) cool stool (stay calm)
        cooly wooly (cool)
        Cooper's snoopers (a derisive nickname for the investigators working
        for Duff Cooper during World War II)
        cop shop (a police station)
        copper dropper (a gun)
        core four (any group of four "vital" items)
        core war (a game in which two computer programs are placed at random
        positions in the computer core, and, by alternating turns, seek to
        find and disable each other)
        core war (the sporadic controversy over whether to weaken, discard,
        or bolster the common core requirements at the University of Chicago)
        county mounty (a highway patrol officer)
        crack back (a retort; an outlawed football tackle aimed at the
        knees; a cigarette made from crack cocaine and marijuana)
        crack shack (a house that sells crack cocaine)
        crawly-mawly (sickly)
        crazy daisy
        creak speak (also called "vocal fry", this describes a manner of
        speech in which the pitch is lowered, producing a rasping sound)
        creature feature (a horror movie)
        creepie peepie (a handheld camera used for live action shots)
        creepy weepy (a pop fiction genre combining gothic horror and romance)

        criss miss (a pretentious woman)
        critter gitter(a small gun used to shoot rats, snakes, and varmints)
        crop top (a shirt that exposes the belly)
        crow toe (any of several plants whose shape suggests a crow's toe)
        crumb bum (a low despicable person)
        crum bum (a low despicable person)
  [for] cry eye (an exclamation of exasperation)
        cuddle puddle (group grope and hug sessions induced by Ecstasy;
        a hot tub or whirlpool)
        cugger mugger (whispered gossip)
        culture vulture (a determined devourer of art)

        curl girl (a cute girl)
        curliewurlie (any object which is twisted or curled; a kind of plant)
        cute ute (a smaller "utility" vehicle)
        cutesy-wootsy (referring to excessive or affected cuteness)
        Dada Nada (a moment of absurdity)
        DADGAD (a system for tuning a six string guitar, recommended by 
          Jimmy Page)
        Dag Bag (a shopping bag from the D'Agostino Supermarket)
        danky stanky (permeated by the smell of marijuana)
        date bait (an attractive person)
        date mate (a person of the same sex on a double date)
        deadhead (idiot; a Grateful Dead devotee; to remove dead blooms;)
        deadhead (a nonpaying passenger)
        dead sled (an abandoned or nonworking car)
        deep creep (a stealthy attack on another submarine at maximum depth)
        Delhi belly (traveler's diarrhea)
        depop-repop (an animal disease control strategy which involves
        killing an entire herd (depopulation) and replacing it with
        uninfected animals (repopulation))
        des res (a desirable residence)

        dim sim (the victim of a con man; a testicle)
        dip slip (a kind of geological fault)
        dirty Bertie (a nickname for Edward VII)
        dirty Gertie (a lascivious, promiscuous, or filthy person)
  [the] dirty Thirties (the 1930's, when the Midwest became the Dust Bowl)
        ditch witch (a kind of excavator)
        dizzie Lizzie (a scatterbrained person)
        dizzy wizzy (a narcotic in pill form)
        dope slope (a beginner's ski slope)
   [to] dorm storm (to plaster the dormitories with invitations
        to a party)
        dot plot (a schematic diagram published regularly the Federal Reserve,
        indicating by dots the spread in predictions for future economic behavior
        by the various members of the board)
        double bubble (double overtime)
        double bubble (a fuselage whose cross-section
          is halved by the floor; a difficult mathematical minimization
          problem; a case in which a breast implant is improperly sized)
        double trouble (a pair of difficulties)
        down round (a round of financing in which the valuation of the
          company has decreased since the previous round)
        downtown (the business area of a town)
        drack sack (an unattractive woman)
        Dragon Wagon (a nickname for the DC3 cargo plane)
        draggin' wagon (a car used for racing; a tow truck)
        drape shape (a severely draped garment, such as a zoot suit)
        dream team (a group composed of the best players)
        drink shrink (an alcoholic's therapist)
        drip lip (a ridge or flange that diverts water)
        droop snoop (the adjustable nose or wing flaps in a plane)
        drop top (a convertible car; a desk with a lid)
        dropper popper (a semi-spherical plastic shell toy that is everted,
          and suddenly pops up)
        drunk funk (a cabin situation requiring the captain to leave
          the cockpit to sort out)
        drunky skunky (very drunk)
        dry fly (a fly fishing lure that is not meant to go below
          the water)
        ducky wucky (fine, OK)
        dude food (hot dogs, hamburgers, and other food preferred by men)
        dumb chum (an unperceptive friend or person; a pet)

        dung lung (a pulmonary disorder, common to farm workers, caused by chronic 
          breathing of the dust of dried manure)
        eager beaver ([approximate rhyme], an eager person)
        easel weasel (an unimaginative artist)
        easy breezy (not difficult)
        easy peasy (not difficult)
        ecky-becky (a poor white)
        Edison's medicine (electric shock treatment)
        eenie weenie (tiny)
        eensy weensy (tiny)
        eggy peggy (a code language in which "egg" is inserted before
        each vowel)
        emblem (a sign, symbol, token or marker)
        etsi ketsi (feeble; indecisive)
        Euler's spoilers (counter-examples of order 22 to Leonhard Euler's
        conjecture about Graeco-Latin squares)
        even steven (a fair division of money or goods)
        evo devo (evolutionary development theory)
        exlex (an outlaw)

        fab ab (descriptive of shirts or outfits that accentuate one's
        "fabulous abdominal" muscles)
        fab lab (a fabrication laboratory)
        face case (an ugly person)
        face lace (whiskers)

        fail whale (a logo, including the outline of a whale, used by
          Twitter to warn that it currently cannot handle the volume of messages)
        fairhaired boy(someone who is always thought of in a good light)
        fair share (a just division of goods)
        fake bake ("bronzing" oils that darken the skin)
        Fan Man (the nickname of a publicity seeker, who, in the early '90's,
          parachuted into the middle of several sporting events)
        fan tan (a card game)
        fancy nancy (a teasing reference to a person who's dressed up)
        fanny nanny (nonsense)
        fat cat (a rich and pampered person)
        fave rave (infatuation with a pop star; a special favorite)
        fax wax (a neck ligament)
        feebee (the FBI)
        feel wheel (a wheel, divided into sectors labeled with various
          feelings, such as "Suspicion", "Hurt", "Curiosity", in an
          attempt to get the uncommunicative to point to their feelings.)
        feevee (pay television)
        FEM/DEM (a combination of the finite element method and
        the discrete element method)
        fem sem (a women's college)
        fender bender (a minor car accident)
        fer sher (a humorous rendition of "for sure")
        fight night (a boxing exhibition)
        Fiji (a Pacific island)
        fill mill (a bar)
        fin-syn (a set of FCC rules on financial interests and syndication)
        fine line (a border easily crossed by accident)
        finger wringer (a melodramatic overactor)
        fire wire (a kind of computer communication protocol)
        Fix NICS (title of a proposed bill to improve the National Instant 
          Criminal Background Check System)
        flag bag (a bag suitable for transporting flags, either
        patriotic or photographic)
        flag wag (to wave the flag (British)
        flagon wagon (a beer truck)
        flannel panel (a section of a newspaper or magazine which lists
        the contents, or the contributors)
        flapjack ([imperfect rhyme] a pancake)
  [the] flash crash (a sudden drop in stock prices on 6 May 2010 that
          continued for 20 minutes; any similar sudden change in stocks)
        flat bat (a kind of training bat with a flattened side)
        flat chat (as fast or as quickly as possible)
   [to] flat hat (to fly very low)
        Flavr Savr (a trademarked name of a genetically engineered
        flec spec (flexible market specification)
        Fleet Street (once the location of Britain's newspaper
        Fleeter Streeter (a low journalist)
        flibberty gibberty (excitable; talkative)
        fling wing (a helicopter)
        flip chip (a computer chip with connections formed by bumps of
          solder rather than by wires; a computer chip formed from the top
          down, rather than the bottom up)
        flip lip (a flow dissipator in a spillway)
        flip strip (a betting game based on three coin flips 
          and some betting strips)
        FloJo (a nickname for the athlete Florence Johnson)
        floor door (a door set in the floor)
        floor whore (a salesman who only works on the show floor)
        flop top (a convertible car)
        flop whop (a heavy fall)
        flopper stopper (a brassiere)
        Floradora (in the musical "Floradora", a small island in the
          Philippines; thereafter, a term signifying a curvaceous woman 
          singer in flouncy clothes)
        flower power (a vague hippie belief in natural goodness)
        flub dub (awkard amateurism)
        flub dub (a printer's dingbat)
        flub dub (overblown language)
        fluff stuff (snow)
        flute mute (a condom)
        flyby (a flight path that comes near some place)
        fly guy (a pilot)
        fly pie (Huckleberry pie)
        fog bog (a foggy swamp; a misty and wet area)
        fog dog (a "fog bow"; also, bright spots of light in fog)
        Fogo (a volcano in the Cape Verde Islands)
        food dude (someone preoccupied with cooking or good eating)
        footie hoodie (a kind of pajamas with feet and a hood)
        footsie wootsie (uncontrollable foot play by loving couples)
        formal normal (the operator that arises from the formal use of the
          adoint, to assert that <Lu,Lv>=<L*Lu,v>, for instance)
        found sound (bits of audio information collected and formed into
          a sort of sound collage)
        four door (a car with four doors)
        frame dame (a woman admired for her body)
        frat brat (a member of a college fraternity)
        frat rat (a member of a college fraternity)
        freak beak (a big nose)
        freaky deaky (very surprising or strange, unheard of)
        Fredheads (supporters of the presidential ambitions of
          Fred Thompson)
        freebie (an item of merchandise given away)
        freevee ("free" television)
        friction fiction (pornography)
        frog log (an informal record of the worldwide decline in
          the population of frogs)
        from go to whoa (from start to finish)
        fronton (a pediment; the wall against which pelota is played)
        froyo (frozen yogurt)
        frozen Chosin (a nickname for Chosin during the Korean war)
        frozen chozen (the Episcopalians, whose services seem relatively
          formal; churchgoers at the US Antarctic base at the South Pole)
        fruit boots (Beatle boots; pointy boots; Italian boots; white
          tennis shoes)
        fruit suit (the Boy Scout uniform)

   [to] fuddle duddle (to leave; to depart)
        fuddy duddy (an irrelevant superannuated relic)
        fudge nudge (anal intercourse)
        fun run (a race in which the competitive aspect is deemphasized)
        fungus among us
        funny bunny (an odd or unusual person)
        funny money (counterfeit money; money not properly accounted for)
        fusty dusty (the lifeless atmosphere of an old person's house)
        fuzzbuzz (commotion; fuss; inconvenience)
        fuzzy guzzy (a balsamweed)
        fuzzy wuzzy (a nickname for someone or something that is fuzzy)
  [the] Gabby Cabby (a New York cab driver who broadcasts his thoughts
          and interviews)
        gainpain (a kind of gauntlet)
        gal pal (a female friend with no specific sexual role)
        gang bang (a group rape; a gang fight)
        garbar (nonsense)
        gawky pawky
        gay day (a day at Disneyland for gay visitors)
        geek chic (when fashionable people pretend to admire technical
          people or their choice of dress)
        geek speak (the slang used by computer programmers)
        Geezer Squeezer (a male incontinence device, essentially a
          clothes pin)
        gender bender (someone of ambiguous gender)
        gender bender (an electrical plug adapter)
        Georgie Porgie (a nursery rhyme hero)
        get set (the last warning before a race begins)
   [to] get wet (to perform a murder)
        glad lad (an attractive young man)
        glam sham (the tricks and pretenses used in celebrity culture)
        Glaramara (a mountain in the Lake District of England)
        glossy posse (the journalists who pursue Hollywood celebrities)
   [to] go slow (to move at a reduced pace)
        goat boat (a Norwegian flat-bottomed boat)

        god pod (the corporate executive offices of Exxon, at
          Irving Texas)
        God slot ([approximate rhyme] a religious program on TV or radio)
        God squad (a hospital ethics team)
        gol-mol (a disturbance)
        goof proof (designed to withstand common errors)
        gowrow (a dangerous monster that lives in the Ozark hills)
        grandstand (raised seats for an audience)
  [the] Grand Strand (the South Carolina seacoast that includes Myrtle Beach)
        granny panties ([approximate rhyme] old-fashioned women's underwear)
        grass bass (the calico bass)
        gray jay (a kind of bird)
        Greco Deco (an overly decorated architectural style, including pillars
          and Art Deco themes)
  [the] Greek Freak(the nickname for the very tall Greek NBA player Giannis Antetokounmpo)
        Greek Week (a college fraternity celebration)
        green bean (an inedible vegetable)
        green queen (someone who prefers sex in the outdoors)
        grit lit (literature that emphasizes a traditional Southern setting)
        groan tone (a ringtone that is sexually suggestive)
        ground round (finely ground roundsteak)
        gruesome twosome (a steady couple; a pair of shoes)
        gum chum (an American soldier stationed abroad, who is apparently
          an endless source of chewing gum)
        guru (an exotic spiritual guide)
        guy cry (a movie during which it is acceptable for a man to
          cry, such as, apparently, "Ryan's Song")
        habdabs (the heebie-jeebies; great anxiety)
        hab nab (by one means or another; at random)
   [to] habbie gabbie (to throw money into a crowd)
   [to] habble gabble (to throw money into a crowd)
        hack pack (tools or information for hacking; a cheat sheet; a group
          of amateurs or hacks)
        hack rack (a taxicab stand)
        hairum scairum (harum scarum)
        hairy cherry (the rambutan)

        hairy Mary (an Australian beetle)
        half caff (a mixture of regular and decaffeinated coffee)
        half staff (how flags are flown during a period of mourning)
        ham scam (a difficult time)
        ham scram (a difficult time)
        hands off cocks, feet in socks (time to get up!)
        handsome ransom (a large sum of money)
   [to] handstand (to "stand" upside down, supporting oneself on the
        handy andy (a person who is able to repair things, or who is
          conveniently nearby)
        handy dandy (convenient)
        handy spandy (convenient)
   [to] hang-slang (to loiter)
        hanky panky (shenanigans; misconduct)
        hanky spanky (dashingly well-dressed)
        hap map (the haplotype mapping project, for detailing
          the huge blocks of DNA that have been inherited unchanged over
          hundreds of generations)
        happy chappie (a happy person)
        happy clappy (Christian groups with enthusiastic and spontaneous
        hapus capus (a self taught prison lawyer)
        hard card (a permanent bingo card)
        hard yards (describing a painful or onerous task)
        hardy dardy (foolhardiness)
        hari-kari (a common misspelling of hara-kiri, meaning ritual suicide)
        Harty Tarty (Edward VII's nickname for Lord Hartington)
        harum scarum (disordered; at random)
        hash bash (a rally for marijuana legalization)
        hashcash (an attempt to discourage spam by requiring the sender
          to spend CPU time generating an ID for each message)
        hatch back ([approximate rhyme] a car that opens in the back)
        havey cavey (helter skelter)
        hayjay (a hand job)
  [the] head Fred (the person in charge)
        healie feelie (belief in healing through holding crystals)
        healy feely (belief in healing through holding crystals)
        heart smart (of food or activities that promote cardiac health)
        heater-treater (a tank which removes water from oil that has just
          been extracted from the ground)
   [to] heat treat (to heat an object as part of its processing)
        heavy bevvie (hard drinks; heavy drinking)
        heebee jeebee (a feeling of dread or fear)
        hell's bells (an exclamation)
        helter skelter (all at once; chaotic)
        hen pen (a girl's boarding school; a women's prison)
        Herkimer Jerkimer (a humorous name, a rustic, a stupid man)
        herky jerky (spasmodic)
        he said, she said (a dispute between a man and a woman)
        he-she (a transvestite)
        Hew Pew (the nickname for Air Marshal Hugh Pughe Lloyd, in charge
          of the air defense of Malta in WWII)
        Hey Day (an annual drunken silly holiday at the University
          of Pennsylvania)
        heyday (a time during which something flourishes)
        hibble bibble (chatter; clamorous talk)
        hibber gibber (gibberish)
        hick dick (a small town policeman)
        hickery pickery (hiera picra, a purgative)
        hickory dickory (a nonsense phrase from nursery rhymes, possibly
          related to an old shepherd's system for counting)
        hicra picra (hickery pickery)
        hiddy giddy (giddy)
        hifi (a high fidelity music system)
        higgledy piggledy (chaotically, disordered)
        high five ([imperfect rhyme] a sort of slapping handshake)
        high rise ([imperfect rhyme] a tall building)
        highty flight (presumptious; high flown; affected)
        highty tighty (hoity toity)
        hilty dilty (a cocktail)
        hinch pinch (a rustic game in which the players trade blows
          of ever increasing strength)
        hinky pinky (a rhyming definition game)
        hip clip (a belt clip that allows things to be attached to the
          belt or pants)
        hip dip (a slight inward curve on the upper thighs, much feared
          by teenage girls)
        hip rip (a tear in the hip joint associated with childbirth or
          strenuous athletic activity)
        hipper dipper (superb)
        hipperty skipperty (frolicksome)
        hippy dippy (moronic; dopy)
        hippy trippy (characteristic of hippies)
        hirdie girdie (topsy turvy)
        hirdum dirdum (uproar)
        hire 'em, fire 'em (descriptive of English labor laws, in contrast
          to European ones)
        hob job (a clumsy job; an odd job)
   [to] hob nob (to socialize with)
        hob's knob (the rich part of a town)
        hobby bobby (a part-time policeman)
        hobo (a vagrant; a shiftless wandering person)
        hobson jobson (the process in which foreign words or phrases
          are misheard, garbled, and adapted into English)
        hocker mocker (hugger mugger)
        hockey dockey (a shoe)
        hockey knocking (a joking description of golf)
        hocus pocus (a magical incantation>
        hoddy doddy (an insignificant person; an awkward person; a small
          snail shell)
        hodge podge (mish mash)
        hog dog (a dog used to hunt boars)
        hog-dog (a sport in which a detusked boar fights a pitbull)
        hogan mogan (hogen mogen; a Dutchman)
        hogen mogen (high and mighty)
        hogger mogger (slovenly; confusedly; concealed; a pickpocket
        hogo (a distinctively strong smell)
        hoity toity (pretentious)
        Hojo (a nickname for the Howard Johnson chain of restaurants
          and hotels, as well as of a mild-mannered former president of MIT)
        hoker moker (hugger mugger))
        hokey cokey (a Cockney dance with lyrics prescribing body
        hokey pokey (a dance; cheap candy for children)
        holly golly (noise; nonsense)
        holy Foley (an exclamation of wonder)
        holy moley (an exclamation of wonder)
        holus bolus (the whole thing at one time)
        home phone ([imperfect rhyme] one's personal telephone)
        Hong Kong (a port city in China)
        hoodie-footie (a sort of pajama-like clothing including a hood and feet)
        hoodoo (mystification; voodoo; bad luck; a thin spire of rock)
        hoop coop (bush clover)
        hooper dooper (uproarious)
        hoopoo (the hoopoe bird)
        hooroo (goodbye)
        hootchie kootchie (a mildly lascivious striptease show)
        hootchy kootchy (hootchie kootchie)
        hoovus-goovus (a feeling or reaction of repulsion or rejection)
        hose nose (a person taking oxygen through a nasal tube)
        hot boite ("boite" is French slang for "bar", so a hot boite is
          is bar highly regarded by pretentious ninnies)
        hot bot (a compulsively promiscuous person)
        hot lot (a degenerate)
        hotnot (a person of mixed race)
        hot pot (an electrically heated pot for coooking and warming)
        hot pot (a particular meal in Chinese cuisine)
        hot shot (a person for whom talent is exceeded by self-promotion)
        hot spot (an unusually active place; an area of interest)
        hot squat (the electric chair)
        hotch potch (a jumbled mixture; a thick soup))
        hotsie totsie (an expression of delight)
        hotsy totsy (an expression of delight)
        hottie tottie (a hot water bottle)
        house mouse (a desk officer, one who does not walk a beat)
        houtou (a South American motmot)
        hover cover (close helicopter support of ground troops)
        hubble bubble (a hookah; a dish of baked beans and leftovers)
        hubbub (commotion)
        hucker mucker (= hugger mugger)
        huckmuck (a strainer used in brewing)
        hudder mudder (= hugger mugger)
        huddle duddle (a decrepit old man)
        huff duff (High Frequency Direction Finder)
        huff muff (a braggart)
        huff snuff (a swashbuckler; a conceited person)
        hufty tufty (bragging, swaggering)
        hug drug (the drug Ecstasy)
        hugger mugger (slovenly; confusedly; concealed; a pickpocket
          who embraces women as he robs them)
        hull gull (an Appalachian game of guessing the number of items
          in someone's hand)
        hully gully (a dance; nonsense; noise)
        humdrum (rote; routine)
        humstrum (a hurdy-gurdy; a roughly made musical instrument)
        humble jumble (a muddle)
        hummum (a Turkish bath; a brothel)
        Humpty Dumpty (a nursery rhyme character who was NOT
          originally an egg!)
        humpty dumpty (worthless; flimsy)
        humpy pumpy (sexual intercourse)
        hunch punch (an improvised strong alcoholic mixed drink prepared 
          for a group)
        hunkie dunkie (fine, OK)
        hunkum bunkum (fine, OK)
        hunky dunky (fine, OK)
        hurdy gurdy (a portable organ operated by a grinder)
        hurly burly (disordered and chaotic activity)
        hurr burr (the burdock)
        hurry burry (hurried; in a hurry)
        hurry durry (windy and rainy)
        hurry scurry (a rapid and disorganized activity)
        hustle bustle (rapid, purposeful, complex activity)
        I Spy (a guessing game)
        ill will (resentment)
        incy wincy (= eensy weensy)
        inflate a mate (a blow-up doll)
        inky dinky (tiny; a very dark person)
        intention invention (the conscious mind's attempt to construct
          a plausible intention for an involuntary action)
        itsi-gitsi (so-so; same old same old)
        itsy bitsy (tiny)
        itty bitty (tiny)
        jail mail (letters received by prisoners)
  [the] Jail Trail (the nickname of a Pittsburgh biking trail that
          starts near the jail)
        jam cam (a traffic camera)
        Jap crap (a disparaging term for Japanese goods)
        jake brake (a kind of engine brake for a truck)
        jake flake (a narcissist)
        jam cam (a web camera used for traffic reports)
        janga manga (a person of the lowest class)
        jeepers creepers (an expression of surprise)
        jeezy peezy (an expression of surprise or disgust)
        jelly belly (a flabby stomach; a fat person)
        jet set (rich fashionable people)
        jiggledy wiggledy (in a state of confusion)
        jingling (the sound of small bells ringing)
        Joe Blow (a humorous name)
        Joe Schmo (a humorous name)
        joker poker (a kind of slot machine displaying poker hands)
        jokeyokey (a variation of karaoke in which one performs
          jokes from a comedy sketch displayed on a TV screen)
        Jokkmokk (a village in Lapland)
        jookerie cookerie (tricking, swindling)
        joy boy (a person who pursues enjoyment)
        jubu (a Jewish person who adheres to some Buddhist customs
          or beliefs)
        jug lugs (big ears)
        jug mug (a convict)
        June gloom ([imperfect rhyme] the overcast summer weather common in
          coastal California)
        June swoon (the flagging of performance of certain baseball teams
          as summer advances)
        kanban (a specification sheet used in manufacturing)
        kegmeg (a tripe shop)
        kegmeg (an intimate conversation)
        KenJen (the nickname for Kenneth Jennings, who won 75 games of
          Jeopardy in a row)
        ken ten (a lamp used to prepare opium for smoking)
        khaki wacky (infatuated with soldiers)
        kick flick (a martial arts movie)
        kick stick (a marijuana cigarette)
        kickie wickie (a wife)
        kicksy wicksey (a made word in ridicule and disdain of a
          wife [Johnson]; fantastic)
        kicky wicky (the penis [Shakespeare])
        kid vid (children's movies or television)
        killer diller (the best)
        kinchin (thieve's slang for children)
        kingling (a petty king)
        kiwi (a flightless bird of New Zealand)
        kiyi (a noisy dog)

        koffie moffie (a male flight attendant)
        koodoo (an African antelope with spiraling horns)
        kool toul! (look out! in back slang)
        Kourou (a town in French Guiana)
   [to] kowtow (to prostrate oneself as a sign of obedience)
        kudu (an African antelope with spiraling horns)
        kunumunu (a stupid man)
    [a] lame brain ([approximate rhyme] a stupid person)
        lap clap (sex)
        lap strap (a seat belt)
        larbar (exhausted, worn out)
        lardy dardy (affected; a variation of "lah-di-dah")
        large charge (a thrill; an important person)
  [the] late great (former; deceased)
        later, tater (a joking farewell)
        lay day (a day scheduled for loading or unloading of a ship)
        lazy daisy (a common name for the detached chain stitch in
        lazy dazy (lazy)
        lead head (a stupid, unimaginative person)
        lead sled (a slow vehicle; a big heavy overbuilt car)
        lean green (money)
        legal beagle (a lawyer)
        legal eagle (a lawyer)
        Lei Day (a celebration on May first in Hawaii)
        letter sweater (a sweater worn by a high school athlete who belongs to
          a school team, imprinted the initials of the school in large letters)
        lex Rex (the doctrine that the King is the law; or seometimes
          that the law is king!)
        LexisNexis (a company providing web-based research services
          to academic, legal, and government professionals)
        lie-by (an area alongside a road for emergency parking)
        lilly pilly (an Australian hardwood tree of the myrtle family)
        lit crit (literary criticism)
        local yokel (a rude unlettered idiot populating the burg)
        lock box ([imperfect rhyme] - a locked storage box)
        Locke's socks (philosopher John Locke's socks were frequently
          darned; at what point were they no longer the same socks?)
        loco foco (a self-lighting cigar; a friction match; a radical NY
          Democrat in 1835)
        loco moco (a traditional Hawaiian dish)
        long gone ([approximate rhyme] of a thing which has ceased 
          a considerable time in the past)
        long johns ([approximate rhyme] long underwear)
        long thongs (skiing pants)
        look book (a picture book; a vanity publication of photographic portraits)
        loop group (in movie-making, the technical group responsible
          for looping)
        loosey goosey (informal; slipshod; freeform)
        lop cock ([imperfect rhyme]: a circumcised man)
        loud shroud (colorful clothing)
        louse house (a bed-bug infested dwelling)
        loutou (a crested black monkey of Java)
        love dove (the drug Ecstasy)
        love glove (a condom)
  [the] love Guv (the mocking name given to New York governor Eliot Spitzer as
          he demolished his reputation by revealing a history of consorting
          with prostitutes)
        lovely jubbly ([approximate rhyme] money)
        lovey dovey (romantically affectionate)
        low blow (a devious or unfair attack)
        low mow (a variety of slowly growing grass that requires little
        lowpo (low spirits)
        low pro (a low profile)
        lum tum (a person in fashionable society)
        lunch bunch (a group of people who meet for lunch)
        lush flush (the florid skin of a drinker)
        lush mush (good food)
        lush thrush (a very attractive young woman)
  [the] Luv Guv (the nickname given Alabama governor Robert Bentley
          who had an affair with his aide)
        Mahwah (a town in New Jersey)
        main drain (a central sewer pipe)
        main frame (a large central computer)
  [the] main vein (the penis)
   [to] maintain (to preserve or keep steady)
        Malay (a native of Malaya)
        mall crawl (a slow walk through a mall looking for friends,
          or hanging out)
        mall sprawl (the gradual spread of subsidiary stores, restaurants
          and shops near a large mall)
        mama jama (a woman)
        Manunka Chunk (a town in New Jersey)
        manny hanny (Manufacturer's Hanover Trust Company)
        master blaster (a large amount of cocaine; a good shooter;
          a boombox)
        Maui wowie (a potent brand of marijuana)
        maxi taxi(privately operated minibuses)
        May Day (the first of May; a distress signal)
        mean bean (an expert)
        mean gene (a postulated gene for violent behavior)
        mean green (money)
        melee (trouble; commotion)
        mellow yellow (dried banana skins, which was more than enough
          to get Donovan a good buzz)
        meter beater (a device to reduce electricity usage (or billing)
        meter reader ([imperfect rhyme] someone employed in
          checking meters)
        mewling puling (the normal state of babies)
        mifi (a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot)
        mifky pifky (hanky panky, fooling around)
        milly jilly (willy nilly; all in a jumble)
        min pin (a miniature Dobermann Pinscher)
        mind blind (the characteristic inability of sufferers of
          Asperger's syndrome to interpret the behavioral cues of others)
        mini crini (a style of clothing designed by Vivienne Westwood
          featuring small-shouldered dresses with a full skirt)
        mini Winnie a small model of a Winnebago RV
        minor niner (a ninth-grade student)
        Miss Priss (a fussy, snooty person)
        missy sissy (effeminate)
        mock croc (imitation crocodile leather, used for shoes)
        mock doc (also called a "mockumentary", a film that uses
          the conventions of a documentary, employed for parodic or
          other comic purposes)
        mock rock (a manufactured rock that can be used to conceal
          a house key)
        mod squad (an interracial couple or group)
        moegoe (a lazy fellow)
        Moho (the Mohorovicic geological discontinuity)
        mojo (a voodoo talisman)
        moldy oldie (music once popular, then having mostly nostalgic value,
          and now verging on the archaic)
        mole hole (a darkroom)
        molo (drunk)
        Mondo Condo (of the people who live in condominiums, their
          habits, opinions, eating preferences)
        monkey's uncle ([imperfect rhyme] an outlandish person)
        monton (a heap of ore)
        moofky poofky (hanky panky, fooling around)
        moo poo (cow manure)
        Moo U (an agricultural college)
        mop chop (a type of haircut)
        moptop (a boy with a Beatle haircut)
        Moss Bross (the nickname of Moss Brothers, a Covent Garden dress
          clothes store)
        motel no-tell (a seedy motel used for nooners and other flings)
        motion lotion (a lubricant for those personal activities; athletic rub)
        motor voter (a law allowing voter registration at the DMV)
        mouse house (a car dealership in which a customer is handled
          by an "assembly line" succession of service people)
        mubblefubbles (depression; melancholy)
        mucluc (a variant of "mukluk")
        muckluck (a variant of "mukluk")
        mud bud (homegrown marijuana)
        mud Phud (an M.D. with a PhD.)
        muddle huddle (a football term)
        mukluk (a soft boot made of reindeer skin)
        multi culti (multicultural)
        mumbo jumbo (mysterious nonsense)
        mummy tummy (irreversible abdominal distortions following pregnancy)
        mumpsimus sumpsimus (two things which scarcely differ but are argued over
          by sticklers)
        mushy gushy (sentimental)
        Mutt's nuts (something that is excellent)
        my eye! (an exclamation of disbelief)
        nablab ("near beer", "Non Alcoholic Beer, Low Alcohol Beer")
        Nader's Raiders (activists working with Ralph Nader)
        nag drag (a three month prison term)
        Nagger Staggers (a nickname for "The New Statesman")
        nailtail (a kind of wallaby with an appendage on its tail that
          suggests a nail in shape)
        namby pamby (for Ambrose Phillips, poet mocked for verses to
        name game (a competition to name impressive friends; a rhyme song
          using a person's name)
        nang slang (slang used by Bangladeshis in East London)
        nastie pastie (a despicable person)
   [to] naysay (to deny or refuse)
        near beer (low alcohol beer)
        near peer (Russia or China, regarded as a weaker but substantial
          rival by the United States)
        neater eater (a fastidious eater)
        nelly kelly (the belly)
        neo creo (a neo-creationist)
        neo-Geo (a style of abstract art, emphasizing geometric shapes)
        neon Deion (the nickname for the football player Deion Sanders)
        nerd bird (a plane flight frequented by computer programmers)
        nerd herd (a pack of nerds)
        never ever (at no time)
        nibby jibby (by a narrow margin)
        nifty fifty (masturbation)
        nifty fifty (50 dynamic companies of the 1960's)
        nifty gifty (an upscale gift shop)
   [to] niggle piggle (to haggle; to be concerned about minor details)
        night flight (nocturnal aviation; a much-missed show on the old
          USA network)
        night light (a dim light for use at night)
        nimbly bimbly (with agility)
        nimbly pimbly (with agility)
        niminy piminy (finicky)
        nip slip (an accidental exposure of a nipple)
        nipperty tipperty (silly, trifling)
        nippity tippity (silly, trifling)
        nipple cripple (a nipple-twisting torture beloved by school kids)
        nit shit (second rate)
        nit wit (moron, idiot)
        nitty gritty (rough, low level)
        niz priz (a legal writ of nisi prius)
        no fuss, no muss (a tidy operation)
        no go (a cancellation; a prohibition)
        nolens volens (willy nilly; whether one wants to or not)
        non-com ([imperfect rhyme]: a noncommissioned officer)
        noncon (a science fiction meeting too small to be a convention;
          a religious nonconformist)
        nookie bookie (a pimp)
        no pain, no gain (progress has a cost)
        no pay, no play (pay first or you won't be served)
        no play, no pay (a feature of the British Stage Guild contract, under
          which an actor was not paid for weeks when no play was performed.)
        no prey, no pay (the salary policy on a pirate ship)
        no show (an absent person)
        no-tell Motel (a seedy motel, with a reputation for assignations)
        notso hotso (undesirable; disappointing)
        no way, Jose (it ain't gonna happen)
        the nude dude (a nickname for Christian Curry, an investment analyst
          fired after his nude pictures appeared in a magazine)
        nudie cutey (a movie featuring naked women)
        nudie Judy (a picture of a naked woman)
  [the] Nun Bun (a cinnamon roll with a purported likeness to the
          face of Mother Teresa, now preserved under glass in a coffee
          shop in Nashville)
   [to] nut cut (to castrate; the fundamentals of a subject)
        nut gut (the fundamentals of a subject)
  [the] nut hut (an insane asylum)
        nutter butter (an inattentive person)
        occ doc (an occupational disease and injury doctor)
        odd bod (a strange person: what are YOU looking at?; an odd
          man out)
        oingo boingo (an expression of surprise; also the name of a
          rock band)
        okey dokey (yes)
        okie dokie (yes)
        okle dokle (yes)
        old gold (a color reddish-yellow in hue, low in saturation, and
          medium in brilliance)
        ooey gooey (disgustingly slimy)
        ooey pooey (the nickname for IUPUI, Indiana University -
          Purdue University Indianapolis)
        oofty goofty (the state name of a circus sideshow performer who
          appeared as a wild man in the late 19th century)
        ookie cookie (a fraternity game in which the person who finishes
          last has to eat the cookie and its icing)
        ooly drooly (puppy love)
        op shop (a charity shop)
        Oshkosh (a town in Wisconsin)
        ouch pouch (a wad of cushioning used in ballet shoes)
        ox box (the manually operated Xerox model A copier (1949))
        pack rack (a car roof rack)
        packsack (a travel carryall)
        pactum factum (a done deal (Latin))
        pail mail (pell-mell, violently or boisterously)
        Pale Male (a popular red-tailed hawk whose nest on the ledge of a New
          York building was destroyed by management)
        Pall Mall (a part of London containing many clubs)
        pall mall (an early form of croquet)
        palsy walsy (warm and friendly)
        pan man (a drummer in a steel band)
        party hearty (the high school creed)
   [to] pass gas (to evince the result of flatulence)
        passion ration (a boy friend)
        pax wax (a neck ligament)
        paxy waxy (a neck ligament)
        pay day (when salaried workers get paid)
        pay tray (the place where coins land when tumbling out a
          slot machine)
        peak week (the week before Christmas, when shippers have most business)
        pec deck (an exercise machine for developing chest muscles)
        pecker checker (a urologist)
        Pee Dee (a river in North Carolina)
        peek freak (a voyeur)
        peepie creepie (a portable TV camera used for closeup shots)

        peetweet (the spotted sandpiper)
        peewee (a small creature or person)
        peg leg (a wooden leg)
        pell mell (in a jumble; suddenly and awkwardly)
        pen yen (opium)
        pentimenti (plural of "pentimento", part of a painting that
          has been changed by the artist)

  [the] Pfizer riser (a nickname for Viagra)
   [to] phone home ([imperfect rhyme] make contact with home)
        phonus balonus (fake; fraudulent)
        phony baloney (fraudulent)
        pick six (a lottery or other bet in which six choices
          must be made; an interception returned for a touchdown)
        pickwick (a device for extinguishing an oil lamp)
        Pickwick (the central character of Dicken's "The Pickwick
        picnic (an outdoor meal)
        picric (a strong toxic yellow crystalline acid used in
        piggy wiggy (a childish term for a pig)
        Pill Hill (neighborhoods in Seattle and Chicago; an area where
          drugs were sold; an area full of doctors)
        pill mill (a doctor or medical practice from whom it is easy to
          obtain a fraudulent prescription for intoxicating medicine)
        pimp limp (a showy way of walking, as though one had a limp)
        piney winey (smelling of pine)
        ping ring (the circle of possible locations of a signalling object)
        ping wing (an injection of narcotics into the arm)
        pink ink (romance novels)
        pinyin (a system for transliterating Chinese)

        plain Jane (a plain-looking woman)
        plaster caster (groupies who recorded rock star penises)
        plumbum (lead [Latin])
        pocket rocket (a penis; an erection; a short surfboard; any
          small but surprisingly fast or powerful thing)
        pogamoggan ([imperfect rhyme] an Indian war club)
        pogo (a presidential possum; a hopping stick)

        PoMo (PostModern)
        pookoo (a large red African antelope)
        poopsie woopsie (a sappy term of endearment)
        pop hop (watered down, popularized hip hop music)
        pop shop (a pawnshop)
        pop top (an easy-open can)
        poppa stoppa (a smart or effective old man)
        poppa stoppa (one who commits sex with their father)
        pot shot (a careless or idle attempt)

        pout out (engine failure in a hot rod)
        pow wow (a conference)
        power hour (a newly-turned twenty-one-year-old goes to the bar at
          midnight and tries to drink 21 shots before the bar closes at 1.;
          someone tries to drink a shot a minute for an hour)
        power shower (a high tech shower facility)
        power tower (the function x^x^x^x...)
        power tower (in solar thermal energy generators, a tower heated by
          thousands of mirrors.)

        prime time (the time during which the greatest television audience
          is available)
        proddy woddy (a Protestant)
        projo (a projectile; a nickname for the Providence Journal)
  [the] prom mom (newspaper designation of a high school girl who gave birth
         during her senior prom)
        promo homo (a disparaging term for laws and regulations regarded
          as promoting homosexuality)
        pseudi tudie (a fake Tudor architectural style)
        ptomaine domain (a cafeteria)
        pub grub (the salty, greasy, crispy food served in a bar)
        pub/sub (a designation for systems of publication and
        puddle muddler (a derisively small boat)
   [to] pull bull (to run an unlicensed cab service)
        punk funk (a style of music)
        purple nerple (a nipple-twisting torture beloved by school kids)
        Quake Lake (a lake formed by a landslide into the Madison River,
          in Yellowstone park, after an earthquake; lakes formed in a similar
          way after a 2008 earthquake in China)
        queen ween (someone who backs out of an agreement)
        queer beer (bad beer)
        quick fix (a temporary repair)
        quick kick (a punt, made when the opposing team would not expect one,
         in American football)
        quick sticks (quickly)
        quiet riot (a subliminal protest)
        quintin (an upright post with a swinging cross post having a
          shield at one end and a sandbag at the other, used for
          jousting practice)
        quit lit (descriptive of a recent rash of articles written by
          teachers and professors, explaining why they are leaving the profession)
        quite right (exactly!)

        race face (the serious expression adopted for a competition)
        racket jacket (a zoot suit)
        rag bag (a bag for rags)
        rag bag (a kind of lichen)
        rag mag (a fashion magazine)
        rag tag (tattered and threadbare, also in "rag, tag, and bobtail")
        the ragin' Cajun (Clinton hothead James Carville's nickname)
        raggle taggle (slovenly)
        rare pair (two objects that are rarely seen together)
        rake jakes (a villain)
        Rambam (Rabbi Moses Maimonides, a Jewish philosopher)
        Rambam (a town in Israel)
        ram jam (to stuff with food)
        ram stam (headlong; obstinate)
        ramble scramble (disjointed, disorderly)
        randan (noisy, disorderly)
        random tandem (three horses driven in tandem)
        randy dandy (a prostitute)
        range change (a kind of gearbox)
        rangle dangle (any dangling ornament)
        rantan (a loud banding noise)
        rantum scantum (disorderly)

        ranty tanty (a prostitute)
        Rap Lap (a town in the Philippines)
        rape tape (a tape recording of a description of a rape,
          supposedly given to Princess Diana, and now missing)
        rasher splasher (a rash person)
        raw jaw (the act of stealing narcotics from a pusher; to ignore)

        razzle dazzle (glitter; spectacle; a specific carnival game,
          involving repeated throws of dice or marbles to achieve a 
          specific score, that is actually impossible to win)
        real deal (a genuine article)
        RealFeel (a copyrighted attempt by Accuweather to produce an improved
          version of the "wind chill factor")
        rear steer (a steering system designed to counteract the tendency of
          the rear wheels to swing out during turns)
        reave sleeve (a fancy sleeve, one of the components of a zoot suit)
        red bed (a geological layer of iron oxide, commonly indicative of the Triassic period)
        red bread (money made by selling one's blood)
        Red-Dead (a nickname for a plan to pipe water overhill from
          the Red Sea to the Dead Sea)
        red Ed (British Labour Party leader Ed Miliband)
        red fed (a left-winger)
        red lead (ketchup)
        red ned (cheap red wine)
        reet pleat (a long narrow pleat in a zoot suit)
        reg jeg (a rag)
        reg neg (regulatory negotiation)
        Ren Cen (Detroit's Renaissance Center building)
        rep dep (a military personnel replacement depot)
        repple depple (a military personnel replacement depot)
        reppo depot (a military personnel replacement depot)
        reverse the curse (motto of the Boston Red Sox)
        rich bitch (an unpleasant moneyed woman)
        ricky ticky (repetitive, dull music)
        ridgie didgie (genuine)
        righty tighty (a mnemonic for the direction of screw tightening)
        rinky dinky (cheap; low-class; unsophisticated)
        ring ding (a fool)
        ring ting (the genuine article)
        ringy dingy (a ring of the telephone; hence, a telephone call)
  [the] riot Hyatt (a hotel in Hollywood famous for the antics of the rock 
          musicians who have stayed there.)
        ripe stripe (a large stripe, a component of a zoot suit)
        roach coach (a snack truck; a flight to the tropics)
        rock block (a sequence of rock songs on the radio, uninterrupted
          by ads)
        rock jock (a mountain climber)
        rock 'em sock 'em (violent; action-filled)
        rocket docket (the expeditious federal courts of eastern
        roger dodger (yes)
        rogum pogum (the goat's beard plant)
        roley poley (quite fat)
        rolle bolle (a lawn game combining some features of bowling
          and horseshoes)
        rolled gold (a layer of gold laminated onto a base and rolled to 
          form a pen or a watch case)
        rolly polly (quite fat)
        roly poly (quite fat)
        rom com (a romantic comedy)
        ronyon (an animal with bald patches, raw and crusted patches of skin)
        rootin' tootin' (boisterous; adventurous; daring)
        rory tory (dashing; gay; showy)
        rosy posy (cheerful; optimistic)
        rough stuff (rowdy or rude behavior or material)

        row dow (jazz or ragtime played with exaggerated syncopation)
        rowdy dowdy (boisterous; rowdy)
        rubby dubby (cheap alcohol)
        rude dude (an importunate fellow)
        rug bug (a crawling child)
        rugger bugger (a tough soccer/rugby/football player)
        rum bump (the Adam's apple)
        rum dum (a drunkard; a run-of-the-mill)
        rum fun ([imperfect rhyme] a clever trick)
        rum strum (a long wig)
        rumba numba (a performance of the highly stylized rumba dance)
        rumble tumble (a stage coach)
        Rummie's dummies (a disparaging nickname for the Defense Department
          officials associated with Donald Rumsfeld)

        runny honey (honey that flows)
        rusty dusty (the buttocks)
        Ryukyu (an island chain near Japan)
[to get one's] sack back (to reclaim one's manhood)
        sack whack (a blow to a man's testicles, intended as a challenge)
        sag bag (a bean bag)
        san man (a sanitation worker)
        sardar (a leader)
        Sark lark (the proliferation of company directorships on Sark,
          a channel island with little corporate regulation)
        sat fat (saturated fat, something to be avoided in certain diets)
        say hey (Willy Mays's motto)
  [the] Say Hey [kid] (Willy Mays)
        scagbag (a low or contemptible person)

        scene queen (someone who enjoys dominating public events)
        scifi (science fiction)
        score board ([imperfect rhyme])
        screamie meemie (a screaming child)
        scream queen (a female star of horror movies)
        screen queen (a female film star)
        screw loose ([imperfect rhyme] to be mentally defective,
          unreliable, or unusual)

        screwy Louie (a scatterbrain)
        scrub club (a group of ineffectual people)
        scrub dub (a group that has had many failures)
        scud stud (a nickname for Arthur Kent during the Gulf War)
        sec check (a security check, in Scientology)
        Sea Bee (a member of the Navy Construction Brigage)
        self help ([imperfect rhyme] doing things for one's self)

        seventh heaven ([imperfect rhyme] supreme happiness)

        sey trey (nine)
        shady lady (a mysterious or unseemly woman)
        shagbag (a promiscuous person)
        shagbag (a worthless person)

        shaggle baggle (an affectionate nickname)
        shagrag (ragged, rascally, shaggy, unkempt)
        shako mako (a transliterated Arabic phrase meaning "what's up?"
        sham ham (a vegetarian imitation of ham)
        shame game (stylized actions or words meant to shame another)
        shareware (software distributed freely, but with a recommended

        sheep creep (an opening in a wall allowing sheep but not cattle
          to pass)

        shock jock (a radio host famous for outrageous behavior)
        shop drop (the opposite of shoplifting: one brings articles into a
          store and secretly leaves them to be sold)
        short snort (a quick drink from a flask)
        shout out (a message of support or complaint)
        show boat (a Mississippi steamboat with a traveling entertainment troupe)
        Show Low (a town in Arizona, named for a card game)
        shrewd dude (a well-dressed man)
        shy Di (a nickname for Lady Diana in her earlier years)
        shy guy (a withdrawn or bashful man)
        sigh guy (an unattainable male idol)
        silly billy (a foolish person)
        Silly Billy (the mocking nickname for William Henry, Duke of Gloucester,
          the oafish brother of King George III)
        sin bin (the penalty box in hockey)
        sin bin (a car used for sexual intercourse)
        single mingle (an activity arranged to facilitate the mixing
          and meeting of unmarried people)
        skag hag (a woman who associates with heroin users)
        Skategate (the 2002 Winter Olympic ice skating scandal)
        skid bid (a time served in prison; a short prison term)
        skid lid (a motorcycle helmet)
        skill drill (a repetitive learning exercise)
        skinflint ([approximate rhyme] a miser)
        skinnie Minnie (a very thin girl)
        skirty flirty (girl crazy)
        skunk drunk (very intoxicated)
        sky high (very high, very much)
        slabdab (a glover)
        slam bam (violent, brutal)
        slam bang ([imperfect rhyme] violent, brutal)
        slam jam (a melee or tussle)
        slampamp (a medley; a confusion)
   [to] slangwhang (to assail via harsh or biting language)
        slapdab (immediately; abruptly; slapdash)
        slapjack ([imperfect rhyme] a card game)
        sleeper leaper (a prostitute at a truck stop)
        slick chick (an attractive woman)
        slick dick (a derisive term for a man who can finagle his
        slick trick (an impressive flashy performance)
        slim jim (a thin metal tool)
        slime line ([imperfect rhyme] the "production" line in a
          factory fishing boat)
        sling ink ([imperfect rhyme] to write professionally)
        slo blo / slow blow (a kind of delayed fuse)
        slo mo (a slow motion effect in movies)
        slug bug (what you shout when you see a Volkswagen; then you are
          allowed to slug your brother in the arm)
        slum gun ([imperfect rhyme] a field kitchen)
        slum scum (people who live in decrepit housing)
        slumdom (slums; the physical world of the urban poor)

        Smart Art (an abstract geometric style of art also called
          Neo Geo)
        small ball (to play a game cautiously, for small advantages; golf)
   [to] smell hell (to face danger)
        smelly deli (a sandwich shop of questionable cleanliness)

        smile pile (a cartoon image of many smiling faces)
        smitten kitten (a young girl in love)
        smock frock (an outer garment worn by rural workers in England)
        smog jog(a dismissive description of a jog through polluted Beijing
        taken by the ever-fabulous Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg)
        smother mother (a mother deemed to overwhelm her children with 
        excessive attention, affection, concern)
        Smurf Turf (the mocking nickname for the blue-turfed playing field
          of the Boise State Broncos in Boise, Idaho)
        snack pack (the male genitalia in a jockstrap or tight underwear)
        snail mail (the Postal Service)
        snail trail (a trail of slime)
        snail trail (a very slow walk)

        sneak peek (an advance or unauthorized look)
        sneaker freaker (a person who has made a fetish out of
          high-priced or collectable tennis snoes)
        sneaky peaky (a hidden video camera)
        sniffy Liffy (a nickname for Dublin's Liffy river in its
          malodorous incarnations)
        snit fit (a sulk or fit of petty anger)
        snitch bitch (an informer)
        snob nob (the self-appointed rural "aristocracy")
        snob nob (the part of town where the rich live)
        snooze cruise (the tactic of riding a baby in a car to get it
          to fall asleep)
        So Co (a bottle of Southern Comfort)
        sock frock (one's best set of clothes)
  [the] Sod Squad (a group that monitors illicit watering of lawns during
          water shortages)
        soft loft (an expensive condo that has been designed to suggest
          the severity of a loft apartment)
        Soho (a district of London)
        Soho (part of New York City south of Houston street)
        solly, Cholly (a mocking apology)
        soogie moogie (a soap and caustic soda mix used to clean painted
        sordor (that whose nature is sordid)

        space base (a combination of crack and PCP)
        space case (a "space cadet", an airhead, a fool)
        space race (the US/Soviet astronatutical competition of the 60's)

        Spam Jam (a festival, at Waikiki, honoring Spam)

        spat sat (a "spatula satellite", the nickname for a spatula, used
          to apply repair compound to the outside of the space station, which
          was unintentionally allowed to float away into space)
        sped ed (special education)
   [to] speed read (to read rapidly)
        spender bender (a shopping spree)
        sphukupuku (a fool)
        Spillville (a town in Iowa where Antonin Dvorak spent a
          happy summer)
        spit bit (smooth, persuasive talk)
        spit kit (an ashtray)
        split bit (a prison sentence of 2 to 10 years)
        spodiodi (a mixture of cheap port and generic whiskey)
        spot rot (a disease that can damage apples)
        spring fling (manic, romantic behavior, blamed on spring)
  [the] Spruance nuance (a disparaging term for Admiral Spruance's
          reluctance to abandon protecting transport ships in order to
          pursue a reported nearby Japanese fleet)
  [the] Spruce Goose (the huge wooden plane that Howard Hughes built)
        squab job (a task that suits young women)
        square pair (a roll of 4 and 4 in craps)
        squat shot (a portable device that allows women to urinate
          in the absence of a toilet)
        squat shot (a dorsal cystogram, an X-ray image of the 
          posterior bladder)
        squat shot (in basketball, a shot made while the legs are
          deeply flexed)
        squat shot (a photograph of someone who is crouching down)
        squaw law (a law restricting the use of the word "squaw" in place
        squawk box (one of those tinny speakers in high schools or airplanes
          which "reproduce" the human voice)
        squawky-talkie (a walkie-talkie)
        squee gee (a sponge, often on a stick, for cleaning)
        squeeze cheese (a hideous sort of liquefied cheese, packaged in a
          soft plastic bottle or tube, which can be extruded through a nozzle
          or spout using pressure on the side of the container, and then,
          one fears, eaten)
        squint print (a very small fontsize)
        squint print (referring to the 2 volume "compact" edition of the 
          20 volume Oxford English Dictionary)
        stage rage (fury, during a theatrical performance, at noisy or
          unruly patrons; a current fad)
        stag mag (a pornographic magazine)
        Stags Mags (a nickname for The New Statesman magazine)
        stair chair (a lightweight wheel chair suitable for carrying up stairs)
        stall ball (a kind of defensive football or basketball, in which the
          aim is to play slowly and cautiously, so as to protect a lead and
          let the clock run out)
        standing landing (a parachute landing in which the person is able
          to land feet first and stay erect.)
        steady Eddie (a calm, reliable person)
        steady Freddy (a policy at the government mortgage bureau known as
          "Freddie Mac" of doctoring profit statements so as to report
          steady progress)
        steel wheel (in poker, a straight involving the ace through
          the five)
        steel wheel (a record player)
   [to] steer clear (to avoid)

        stew zoo (an apartment where stewardesses live)
        stibber gibber (an habitual liar)
        sticker licker (a traffic cop)
        sticky icky (a square, a conventional person)
        still hill (the cemetery)
        stinkin' thinkin' (bad thought patterns)
        stinky pinky (a rhyming definition game)

        stock lock (a lock fixed in a wooded frame or door)
        stormin' Norman (General Norman Schwarzkopf's nickname)
        straight bait (an elaborate but straightforward ruse in which
          an e-mail scammer is enticed by responses from an apparently
          willing but cautious or clumsy respondent, who is always about
          to produce a great deal of money or useful information, but
          never quite can)
        straight eight (an engine with cylinders in two parallel rows)
        straight eight (an eight hour police shift with no overtime)
        straight eight (eight hours of sleep with no interruption)
        straight weight (unblended motor oil, suitable for use only
          in a narrow range of temperatures; exercise weights in the form
          of a long straight bar)
        stranger danger (an alarm which little kids are taught to
          cry out when confronted by a suspicious stranger)
        street meat (kabobs and other items sold from a food truck)
        street seat(a former parking place on the street, now used to
          hold a bench or table for pedestrians)
        stress test ([imperfect rhyme] a measurement of the body,
          or a system, while working under a load)
        stretcher fetcher (an ambulance worker)
(gay, if you're a man; heterosexual, if you're -->
        strike bike (a bicycle to be used during a transit strike)
        stubble trouble (difficulty shaving)
        study buddy (a fellow student with whom one studies)
        stuff cuff (a padded cuff on the pants of a zoot suit)
        stumble bumble (barbiturates)

        stun gun (a gun that delivers a paralyzing shock)
        sudsy dudsy (a laundromat)
        Suggan Buggan (a town in Australia)
        sujee mujee (a soap and caustic soda mix used to clean painted
        sump pump (a pump for emptying septic tanks or drains)
        sun gun (a high intensity light for filming)
        super dooper (a variant of "super duper")
        super droopers (baggy or saggy pants)
        super duper (excellent; thrilling)
        sure cure (a certain remedy)
        swag bag (a large bag for booty)
        swap shop (a thrift store)
        sweary Mary (the unkind nickname for one of the first people
          diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome)
        sweeper-keeper (the modern term used to describe a goalkeeper 
          (in particular, Manuel Neuer) who is able to engage attackers, 
          intercept the ball and assist defenders outside of the 18-yard box.)
        sweetmeat (a candy or sweet item to eat)
        swing wing (a plane with movable wings, such as the F111)
        switch pitch (a kind of transmission in which vanes in the torque 
          converter would change pitch to reduce the friction)
        tabnab (a cake or pastry)
        Tacoma aroma (the repulsive smell of wood pulp factories near
          Tacoma Washington)
        tambo bambo (Caribbean music played on bamboo rods)
        Tamiami (a town in Florida, named for being on the road between 
          Tampa and Miami)
        tarra warra (a phrase substituted for impolite words)
        tec spec (technical specifications)
        tech mech (an engineer who sold out to the military or a
          large corporation)
        tech wreck (the collapse of technology stocks in 2000/2001)
        TED-MED (a conference on technology, entertainment, design
          and medicine)
        teen queen (an imperious or spoiled teen-age girl)
        teenie weenie (tiny)
        teensy weensy (tiny)
        teeny weeny (tiny)
        teenzine (a magazine targeted at teenagers)
        teepee (an Indian shelter)
        Testy Festy (the Rock Creek Lodge Testicle Festival, held in
          Missoula, Montana)
        Tex-Mex (a hybrid Texan/Mexican cooking style)
        thick dick (a fool)
        thigh-high (a kind of high boot)
        thin skin (exaggerated sensitivity)
        threat bet (a disparaging name for a proposed terrorist threat
          "futures" market
        three trees (a gallows)
        thrill kill (a murder done for its own excitement)
        thrill pill (a barbiturate)
        thriller diller (exciting)
        Thule coolie (military personnel stationed at Thule, Greenland)
        thumper bumper (a device in a pinball game that reflects the ball,
          making at the same time a distinctive thumping sound)
        thuzzy muzzy (enthusiasm)
        tib fib (the tibia and fibula, the pair of bones in the lower leg)
        tidbit ([imperfect rhyme] - a small item or treat)
        tiddy iddy (tiny)
        tie dye (a method of dyeing colorful patterns on fabric)
  [the] Tiltin' Hilton (a nickname for the Leaning Tower of Pisa, bestowed
          by US Army troops who briefly considered destroying it because they
          suspected it was being used by the Germans to direct artillery fire 
          at them)
        time line (a graphical representation of a sequence of events over time)
        tin grin (a person wearing braces)

        tirra lirra (nonsense words used as a musical refrain; the sound
          of a lark)
        titbit (a small item or treat)
        tittle tattle (idle gossip)
        tizz whizz (a tizzy, a flurry of excitement)
        todo (ado; excitement)
        Togo (an African country)
        tohu bohu (a Hebrew term from the opening of Genesis, meaning
          utter chaos (but isn't the correct citation "tohu wa bohu"?))
        tol-lol (pretty good; tolerable)
        toner phoner (a telemarketer who offers an apparently attractive
          price for printer toner)
        tonic clonic (a grand mal epileptic seizure)
        Tony's cronies (friends of Tony Blair, who're sure
          to get their share)
        too cool for school (someone who is very cool)
        tootsie wootsie (an affectionate diminutive nickname)
        tootsy wootsy (tootsie wootsie)
        toozoo (the ringdove)
        top cop (the chief of police; a superior police officer)
        top drop (for a stripper, to display the breasts)
        top op (short for "top operation", a surgical procedure to
          add, remove, augment, or reduce breasts)
        Tora Bora (a town in eastern Afghanistan)
        torn porn (extremely graphic videotape of tornados)
        torpor (inertia, sluggishness)
        tory rory (dashing; gay; showy; one wearing a hat cocked to
          the side)
        tot lot (a small fenced-in yard for children)
        totty-potty (a child's toilet)
        town clown (the local police)
        tow row (hubbub; disturbance)
        trackback (a link from one web page to another, which discusses
          the topic of the current web page)
        tragic magic (heroin)
        Tramp Camp (a homeless shelter in Minneapolis)
        tramp stamp (a tattoo on a woman)
        tranny nanny (the tabloid nickname for a transvestite who was Barak
          Obama's nanny)
        trash cash (advertising flyers that look like money)
        trick flick (a pornographic movie)
        tricky Dicky (our late and sorely missed Mendacitor-in-Chief)
        trip strip (a device used to induce turbulence in wind
          tunnel studies)
        triple nipple (a case of a third nipple)
        trolly dolly (an airline stewardess)
        trolly lolly (a type of coarse lace)

        trout pout (the look of artificially enlarged lips)
        true blue (loyal)
        Trump slump (a drop in tourism to the US following the election
          of Donald Trump)
        tubaruba (television)
        tussie-mussie (a small bunch of flowers)
        tussy mussy (a small bunch of flowers)
        tutti frutti (Italian style ice cream with bits of fruit)
        tuzzy muzzy (a wreath or chain of flowers; disheveled)

        tweet seat (an area of a theater or auditorium reserved for users of
        twin bin (paired garbage bins for sorting waste)
        twin fin (a surfboard with two fins)
        twin pin (nickname for the Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer airplane)
        ubble gubble (gibberish)
        ubby dubby (a children's language code, in which the initial vowel
          sound in each word is preceded by "ub")
        UM shmum ("The UN is nothing", in Hebrew, a pronouncement made
          by David Ben-Gurion in 1955.)
        under chunders (underwear)
   [to] undie grundie (to grab and twist a victim's underwear)
        urky purky (disgusting)
        van man (someone selling food or goods out of a van or truck)
        vee wee (a Volkswagen)
        vid kid (a compulsive TV watcher)
        Vomit Comet (an airplane used to simulate weightlessness)
        wabi sabi (the art of Japanese rustic design)
        WAC hack (a cough)
        Wacko Jacko (the British tabloid nickname for Michael Jackson)
        wacky backy (marijuana)
        wag bag (a special sack in which conscientious hikers can store
          their excrement for proper disposal)
        wagger pagger (a wastebasket, sometimes a "wagger pagger bagger")
        Waity Katie (a nickname for Kate Middleton, longtime fiancee of 
          Prince William)
        walkie talkie (hand-held two-way radio)
        wall ball (a children's game, in which a ball is bounced off a
          wall, and if a person fails to catch it, they must stand at the
          wall and have the ball thrown at them)

        wang tang (sex; something desirable)
        wappen bappen (a tumbledown shack)
        war torn ([approximate rhyme])
        Wavy Gravy (a minor figure of the sixties)
  [the] Wavy Navy (The Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve, because of the
          wavy ensignia stripes)

   [to] waylay (to ambush)
        wedbed (the marriage bed)
        Wee Free (when the secessionist Scottish "Free Church" began
          to seem too lenient in its doctrine to a determined group
          of purists, they left to form the United Free Church, comically
          called the "Wee Free")
        weegee (a Ouija board; a window cleaner)
        weejee (a chimney pot hat)
        Wee Vee (the nickname for the battleship "West Virginia")
        weight plate (a heavy metal disk used in weight training)
        whack shack (a place where men can arrange an "underwear modeling
        whack track (during a recording session, an attempt at a song
          that becomes ludicrously unusable)
        whale tail (the triangular bit of fabric at the back of a thong that
          can be exposed when someone bends over)
        wham bam (describing something that is brusque and rough)
        wheeler dealer (a person who makes grand but shady transactions)
        whing ding (an affair)
        whipper snipper (a lawn trimmer)
        white flight (when white people move out of a neighborhood)
        white knight (a savior; a blameless person)
        whity tighty (a disparaging name for men's briefs)
  [the] whole roll (the entire amount of cash)
        whooper dooper (a spree; a party; super duper)
        whopper stopper (a cork)
        whore wars (the battles between parents and teenage girls about
          appropriate clothing)
        Wicomico (a Maryland county on the eastern shore whose
          pronunciation is in dispute in Anne Tyler's "Breathing Lessons"
        wide-eyed (in astonishment; fully aware)
        wi-fi (a wireless networking standard)
        wild child (an undisciplined child)
        willy nilly ("will he, nill he", whether he wants to or not)
        wing ding (a seizure caused by narcotics; a spree; a party)

        wizmo gizmo (a gizmo, a fancy mechanism)

        womb room (a neonatal intensive care unit designed to mimic
          the warmth, quiet and darkness of the womb)
        wonton (a kind of Chinese dumpling)
  [the] worm turns (a destructive thing has attacked its creator)
        wowie zowie (a mocking expression of amazement)
        wriggle diggle (petting; fondling)
        Ya Ba (a drug like Ecstasy, popular at raves)
        yaa-baa (methamphetamines)
        yank tank (a lumbering overbuilt American car)
        yellow fellow (a mulatto)
        yoohoo (a greeting used to catch another's attention)
        you snooze, you lose (you lost because you weren't paying
        young gun (a new and ambitious member of a team)
        yummy mummy (a young attractive mother with a rich husband)
        yuppie puppie (the child of yuppies)
        zap flap (a kind of double flap used on airplane wings)
        zeenty-teenty (a children's counting-out game)
        Zimmer Skimmer (a nickname for the futuristic experimental aircraft,
          designed by Charles Zimmerman, and also nicknamed 'The Flying Pancake')
        zip strip (the plastic handcuffs used by policemen)
        zip trip (a trip to inspect an area with a common ZIP code)
        zoo do (manure collected from zoo animals, and typically sold
          for lawn fertilizer)
        zoot snoot (a big nose)
        zoot suit (a flashy clothing style of the 1940's)

Almost any word can be made into a rhyming phrase using the "shm" prefix, as in "fancy-shmancy", "artsy-shmartsy", "happy-shmappy" and so on. (Oddly enough, this construction figured in an argument that English was not a context-free language.)

Triple rhymes:

        trail em, nail 'em, jail 'em (the parole officer's motto)

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