Quadrature Rule Applied to Genz Integrals

QUADRATURE_TEST_GENZ is a FORTRAN90 program which reads three files that define a quadrature rule, applies the quadrature rule to the set of Genz test integrals, and reports the results.

The quadrature rule is defined by three text files:

  1. the "X" file lists the abscissas (N rows, M columns);
  2. the "W" file lists the weights (N rows);
  3. the "R" file lists the integration region corners (2 rows, M columns);
For more on quadrature rules, see the QUADRATURE_RULES listing below.

The Genz integrand functions include:

  1. "Oscillatory": f(x) = cos ( 2 * pi * r + sum ( c(1:m) * x(1:m) ) );
  2. "Product Peak": f(x) = 1 / product ( c(1:m)**2 + (x(1:m) - x0(1:m))**2);
  3. "Corner Peak": f(x) = 1 / ( 1 + sum ( c(1:m) * x(1:m) ) )**(m+r);
  4. "Gaussian": f(x) = exp(-sum(c(1:m)**2 * ( x(1:m) - x0(1:m))**2 ) );
  5. "Continuous": f(x) = exp ( - sum ( c(1:m) * abs ( x(1:m) - x0(1:m) ) ) );
  6. "Discontinuous": f(x) = exp(sum(c(1:m)*x(1:m)) for x(1:m) <= x0(1:m), 0 otherwise;


quadrature_test_genz prefix

the common prefix for the files containing the abscissa (X), weight (W) and region (R) information of the quadrature rule;

If the arguments are not supplied on the command line, the program will prompt for them.


The computer code and data files described and made available on this web page are distributed under the GNU LGPL license.


QUADRATURE_TEST_GENZ is available in a FORTRAN90 version.

Related Data and Programs:

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NINTLIB, a FORTRAN90 library which numerically estimates integrals in multiple dimensions.

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Examples and Tests:

CC_D2_LEVEL4 is a Clenshaw-Curtis sparse grid quadrature rule in dimension 2 of level 4, 65 points.

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