Six FreeFem++ Examples

HECHT_FREEFEM++, examples which accompanied the standard reference paper for FREEFEM++, used by Frederic Hecht to illustrate special features of the program.

Local information:

FreeFem++ is installed on the hallway machines, and can be accessed by typing:



The computer code and data files made available on this web page are distributed under the GNU LGPL license.

Related Data and Programs:

BAMG, examples which illustrate the use of BAMG, a program for generating 2D meshes that can be used to define the geometry for the the finite element package FREEFEM++.

FREEFEM++, examples which illustrate the use of the FREEFEM++ package, a high-level integrated development environment for the numerical solution of nonlinear multiphysics partial differential equations (PDE's) in 2D and 3D.

FREEFEM++_MSH, a data directory which contains examples of the mesh files created by the FreeFem++ program, which use the extension ".msh".

FREEFEM++_MSH_IO, a FORTRAN90 library which can read and write files used by the FreeFem++ finite element program to store mesh information.

MITCHELL_FREEFEM++, examples which illustrate the implementation of the Mitchell 2D elliptic partial differential equation (PDE) test problems using FREEFEM++.


  1. Frederic Hecht,
    New development in FreeFem++,
    Journal of Numerical Mathematics,
    Volume 20, Number 3-4, 2012, pages 251-265.

Examples and Tests:

FISH is a code for a Poisson equation over a 3D fish-shaped region.

ADAPT carries out adaptive mesh refinement for the Poisson problem on an L-shaped region.

METRIC used Mirebeau's MetricPK plugin to build a metric in R2 with respect to the W0,p or W1,p norm.

MSHMET uses Morice's mshmet plugin to compute an isotropic adapted mesh:

BOUSSINESQ solves the Boussinesq equations for natural convection with a liquid to solid phase change.

SCHWARZ uses Schwarz domain decomposition to solve the Laplace equation in parallel.

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