Seminar on Finite Elements and Numerical Modeling

SEM_2015 is the home page for the class ISC5939, "Advanced Graduate Seminar", a seminar class offered by the Department of Scientific Computing at Florida State University, Spring Session 2015.

This is a 1-credit seminar class, which encourages students to explore, write up, present, and discuss a number of topics associated with the finite element method, computational partial differential equations, and numerical modeling.

The class meets on Wednesdays, 1:25-2:15, in room DSL 499.

Since our group has a wide range of experience and background, the seminar will begin with several overview lectures explaining the main ideas of the finite element method.

Later, class meetings will begin with a presentation by one participant of a paper, topic, program, problem or idea, followed by a group discussion. The last portion of every class will involve a lecture on some aspect of FreeFem++, a free program that greatly simplifies setting up and solving finite element problems.

Last revised on 06 January 2015.