Advanced Graduate Seminar
Summer C 2012

SEM_2012 is the home page for the class ISC5939, an advanced graduate seminar offered in summer session C, 2012, by the Department of Scientific Computing at Florida State University.

This seminar includes overview talks on Monday and Wednesday by departmental faculty and students, and several minicourses on computational topics on Tuesday and Thursday.

A short description of each talk is available in the abstracts page.

A poster for the seminar series is available.

We met on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 2:00pm to 3:00pm in room 499 DSL. Our agenda is:

  1. Monday, July 09: Michael Mascagni, "Novel stochastic methods in biochemical electrostatics"
  2. Tuesday, July 10: How to make a mesh I
  3. Wednesday, July 11: Tomasz Plewa, "Reliable scientific computing"
  4. Thursday, July 12: How to make a mesh II
  5. Monday, July 16: Peter Beerli, "Inference of complex population models using genetic data"
  6. Tuesday, July 17: What makes the ocean wave? I
  7. Wednesday, July 18: Sachin Shanbhag, "An inverse problem in polymer rheology"
  8. Thursday, July 19: What makes the ocean wave? II
  9. Friday, July 20: Dennis Slice, "Geometric morphometric estimation of vault shape using facial landmarks and head anthropometry"
  10. Monday, July 23: Jim Wilgenbusch: "Phylogenetic Inference"
  11. Tuesday, July 24: Parfor for MATLAB I
  12. Wednesday, July 25: Max Gunzburger, Color printers, fish, and Homer Simpson: centroidal Voronoi tessellations: algorithms and applications
  13. Thursday, July 26: Parfor for MATLAB II
  14. Friday, July 27: Haleh Askhi, "Stochastic dynamics in epidemic networks"
  15. Monday, July 30: Michal Palczewksi, "A continuous model for gene flow"
  16. Tuesday, July 31: OpenMP for C or Fortran I
  17. Wednesday, August 01: Ming Ye, "Scientific computing in groundwater contaminant remediation and environmental protection"
  18. Thursday, August 02: OpenMP for C or Fortran II

Last revised on 28 June 2012.