ISC 5939
Scientific Communication and Professional Preparation
Summer 2016

SC_2016 is the home page for the class ISC5939, "Scientific Communication and Professional Preparation," a 1 credit or 2 credit pass/fail seminar course offered at Florida State University, Summer Session 2016, May 09 - August 5th.

The official generic course name is "Advanced Graduate Seminar in Scientific Computing".

Our class will meet in room DSL499, at 2:00-3:40pm, on Wednesdays.

Goals of the course are:

The topic of the document is up to you. You will write several drafts of this document, and at least one version of the document will be submitted to an anonymous referee for comments.

The focus of the course is scientific communication, including:

Other information:

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Last revised on 05 May 2016.