MATH2071 - Guidelines

MATH 2071 is the second term of a graduate level introduction to Numerical Analysis, which includes both lecture and laboratory sessions. You do not have to have taken the first term in order to take the second term.

The instructor for this class is Professor Mihai Anitescu. He will present the regular lectures, from 5:20 to 6:35, Monday and Wednesday, in Thackeray, room 704.

The textbook is

Kendall Atkinson
An Introduction to Numerical Analysis
Second Edition
ISBN: 0-471-62489-6

This a "laboratory" class which is supposed to build on what you have learned in the lectures. In particular, we will spend most of our time discussing algorithms, implementing them, and trying them on test problems.

There are approximately 10 lab assignments, each of which will usually take about 2 or 3 lab classes to complete. You should be able to do most of the lab work during the lab class itself. At the end of each lab assignment is a final exercise whose results must be e-mailed to me.

Although I plan to distribute printed copies of the lab to you, you may find it convenient to refer to the online versions.

GRADING: The final exercise in each lab is an assignment whose results are to be mailed to me. Usually, you will have time to do this assignment during the regular lab session. In any case, I should receive the results of this assignment from you before the next lab begins. Your grade for each lab will be determined as 5 points for doing the exercises in a lab, and up to 5 points for doing the final exercise in the lab correctly, making a total of 100 points for the entire set of labs. Your lab grade is used as part of your grade for the course; your lab grades, in turn, will count 20% towards your overall grade.

Last revised on 19 January 2000.