Finite Element Programming
Directed Individual Study
Summer 2015

FEP_2015 is the home page for "Finite Element Programming", a 1 credit directed individual study (DIS) course offered at Florida State University, Summer Session 2015, May 11 - August 7th.

The class meets each week, on Wednesday, from 2:00-2:50pm, in room DSL 445. Details of the class structure and requirements are to be arranged.

13 May 2015: We agreed that Zlatko's goal for this class was to develop his skills in FEM programming. The tasks to be complete would involve writing a 1D FEM code, and then, if there is time, a 2D code. Zlatko received a reference book on 1D FEM programming in Fortran, by Becker, Carey, and Oden. However, he plans to program in C#, and to use GNUPLOT for graphics. He will receive some notes and a first programming assignment due next week.

20 May 2015: We will look at the first draft program and its output, and discuss some basic ideas of finite element programming, including the definition of piecewise linear basis functions.

27 May 2015: Class was skipped at the student's request.

03 June 2015: We covered the definition and evaluation of basis function derivatives.

12 June 2015: We consider a sample finite element problem, and showed that we end up with a linear system, whose values are defined by integrals. We looked at methods of approximating an integral using 1, 2 or 3 points, and how we can handle an integral that should be broked up over subintervals.

17 June 2015: (Solve a linear system)

24 June 2015: (Set up a sample 5x5 system)

3 July 2015: (Measuring errors)

10 July 2015: (Convergence rates)

17 July 2015: (Piecewise Quadratic Basis Functions)

22 July 2015: (Derivatives of Piecewise Quadratic Basis Functions; Set up a sample system.)

29 July 2015: (Final discussion)

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