Computational Methods for Continuous Problems
Fall 2013

CMCP_2013 is my home page for the class ISC4232-01/ISC5935-03, "Computational methods for Continuous Problems", offered in Fall 2013, by the Department of Scientific Computing at Florida State University. The instructor for this course is Professor Janet Peterson. I have been asked to assist in the course.

The primary information source for this course is Professor Peterson's web page.

The course concentrates on the computational solution of differential equations of the following kinds:

Lectures for the class are given Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1:25pm to 2:15pm in room 152 DSL.

A weekly computer lab associated with the class is given Wednesday, from 8:30am to 11:00am in room 152 DSL.

  • bvp_gauss.m solves a two point boundary value problem with Gauss elimination.
  • bvp_jacobi.m solves a two point boundary value problem with Jacobi iteration.
  • cholesky_factorization.m uses Cholesky factorization to factor a (positive definite symmetric) matrix.
  • gauss_elimination.m is an example of using Gauss elimination to solve a linear system.
  • jacobi_step.m takes single steps of a Jacobi iteration for a tiny linear system.
  • lu_factorization.m uses LU factorization (without pivoting) to factor a matrix.
  • pdegui.m a MATLAB program by Cleve Moler that illustrates the kind of 2D partial differential equations (steady heat, time dependent heat, wave, eigenvalue) and various domains.
  • Some free texts are available.

    Last revised on 30 September 2013.