Translate a File to UU Encoded Form

UUENCODE is a C program which reads a file (often a binary file) and translates it to the UU encoding, by Stephen Satchell and Chuck Forsberg.

The resulting file is a text file.

The encoded file can often be transferred more easily than a binary file. The encoded file can be decoded by the UUDECODE, which recovers the original file, with its original name.


uuencode input > output
will read the file input and write a UU encoded text version as the file output.


Programmers may incorporate any or all code into their programs, giving proper credit within the source. Publication of the source routines is permitted so long as credit is given to:


UUENCODE is available in a C version.

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UUDECODE, a C program which translates a UU encoded file back to its original form.


Stephen Satchell, Chuck Forsberg.

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Last revised on 06 December 2007